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 Hi. We're   SunOrShade. 

We're cool people who make dope window shades.

Say hello to
40+ years of window shade expertise.

an aged photo of sunorshade roller shades being made

For over four decades, SunOrShade has been helping architects, designers, and engineers design and fabricate kickass window shades.


SunOrShade patents manual and motorized shade systems.

SunOrShade original logo


SunOrShade opens west coast manufacturing in Seattle, WA.

photo of inside outfitters


SunorShade created by Inside Outfitters in Columbus, OH.

SoS x Teamlu.jpg


SunorShade joins

lumenomics product line.

new sunorshade logo


SunOrShade gets a makeover.

Here's what we believe:

Window Shades are simple.

It's fabric on a tube, people. Other companies love to use fancy words and scientific terms, but they're using the same parts, components, and fabrics as everyone else. We're bypassing the needlessly complex industry vernacular and focusing on what matters most: how our products impact your design. 

Window Shades are boring... but important.

We're not going to lie, window shades are super boring. However, they're ridiculously important to your design. They shape an occupant's experience of your building and impact the energy efficiency and climate of your interior spaces. We're here to navigate the tedious details for you so you can focus on the fun of design.

Window Shades are our thing.

If all window shades are more or less the same components, then what's the real difference between us and everyone else? Our experience, that's what! SunOrShade is bringing 40+ years of window shade design expertise to the game and we're not afraid to use it. 

We're different
proud  of it.

SunOrShade is a certified woman and LGBTQ-owned business.

It's not just our work experience that allows bringing a unique perspective to the industry, but our diverse backgrounds. When you use SunOrShade, your helping us create a more inclusive and welcoming construction and design industry for all.

Women Owned logo
NGLCC certified LGBTBE
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