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Shade solutions for residential.

Because they're going to walk around their apartment naked.

Give tenants what they want.

For residents, privacy and comfort are the highest priorities in a home. Give them the freedom to strut their stuff with SoS Shades. Unlike blinds, SoS doesn't sacrifice design for function. Stylishly block glare, lower heat gain and cooling costs, provide privacy, and maintain views to the outside while offering easy, durable control for occupants.

Designed for your objectives:

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Climate Control

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variable illumination


shade in residential kitchen

First class finishes

Blinds? Curtains? What is this, the 1800's? Give occupants the luxury finishes they want with stylish SoS Motoshades. 

Fashion + Function

You shouldn't have to sacrifice form for functionality. With performance fabrics, your shades can mitigate heat and glare while looking amazing.

Fabric selections
The Waverly

The Waverly

Weber Thompson | Turner Construction | Seattle, WA
A 28-story residential tower, this tower adds to the many stylistic offerings of a very rapidly evolving and diverse neighborhood. Features: SoS Analog Shades, and SoS MotoShades Charge for the penthouse.

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